5 mistakes online pet shop owners make

Last updated on April 26, 2018

We are all bound to make mistakes in our day to day lives whether it is in a personal matter or work and business related especially when you are running an online pet shop.

There is bound to be some mistakes that you might make which can determine the success of your online pet shop business. These mistakes can range something trivial to something dire and can have a profound effect on your online shop.

So let us take a look at some of the common mistakes that online shop owners in particularly an online pet shop owners can make and how to rectify them.

1. Scoping out the competition

Before you get into any business let alone an online pet shop it important to check out the market beforehand. This only not helps you to get an idea of how the industry is doing but will also give you an idea as to how you can strategically place your store against the competition. This will also assist you in mapping out your marketing strategy and set short term and long term goals for your online pet shop.

scoping out the competition

Most online owners are guilty of not scoping out their competition enough. They might do it initially when they start their business but as time goes by this might not be on their high priority list. As an owner of the online pet shop, you need to make sure that you are aware of what your competitors are up to.

Make a list of top 5 to 10 competing online shops in your local vicinity or globally if you are also catering to the international market. Be sure to at least scope the competition on a monthly or quarterly basis. This will ensure that you will keep your business on track with the current market trends and will always be able to counter what the competition has to offer to potential buyers.

2. Having a proper marketing strategy

Marketing strategies are the backbone of any business and online pet shop is no exception. Without a proper marketing plan you will not be able to strategize the direction your business is heading towards. If you scope out your competition carefully you will see that they will always be coming up with new marketing ideas in order to promote their business. Following the market trend is all good but from time to time you need to come up with your own strategy to promote your online business.

proper marketing strategy

As an owner of an online shop here is a few things that have to keep in mind while devising your market strategy.

First of all research and find out where your online customers hang out the most. It could be a popular social media platforms, online news sites, forums, blogs etc.

Second is to be consistent with the marketing tactics that you imply, being consistent is the key. Engage your customer base on popular social media platforms such Facebook, Twitter etc. and make sure to post updates on your products and services on them frequently. If you’re catering to a specific group of pet supplies pick a few targeted audiences and focus on them.

Thirdly you need to ascertain your participation on each social platform, every marketing tactic, and every ad you publish. Every post, email, an ad should have a purpose, whether it’s to drive more traffic to your site, inspire people who follow you or sell a product.

Lastly, for every product you have, you should have a plan as to how you will be marketing it. Make a list of all the possible ways when and where you will be promoting them.

3. Optimizing your online shop for search engines

Optimization for an online shop should be a top priority. Think of how many people use search engines such as Google, Bing etc. to search for a product or service on daily basis. In fact, you yourself would do it on a frequent basis when you are looking for something. It is important to have a proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your site so that you can rank higher in search results which in turn will lead to more people landing on your store.

optimizing your online shop for search engines

Here are a couple of ways you can improve the SEO of your online store. One of way is to blog consistently. Publishing new content assists search engines to find your site and rank it higher in the search results. Search engines prefer seeing websites that are frequently updated with fresh content and blogging is an awesome means for adding new and updated content to your website.

Another way is using keywords. Make use of keywords only on your blog posts but also on descriptions of your products and services. You can cleverly place them on the contents of the website for better results.

4. Communicating with customers

Looking for new customers is all part of expanding your online business, but what about your existing customer base? By keeping in touch with them frequently, you will see brand loyalty being created leading to repeated business coming to way.

communicating with customers

You need to be talking to your existing and past customers the most. Remember that they have already purchased from you and know about your products and services the most. You can ask them for testimonials, to become your affiliate, or to recommend your online shop to people in their circle whoever needs them. Also, don’t hesitate to get feedbacks back as this will help you improve your products and services, and overall your online store in general.

For new customers offer them discounts when they first make a purchase and send them a thank you note when they complete the transaction. You also can often hold giveaways and promotions with a mailing list and ask them to sign up for newsletters allowing you to frequently update them with the news of your online shops and special deals.

5. Frequently trying out new things

As owners of the online shop, it is very easy to fall into a comfort zone and stick to doing the same things over and over again. In order to keep up with a constantly evolving marketplace, you need to be tweaking and trying new things. Technology is always growing and expanding so you should all be trying new ideas and tools to market our products and services.

Be creative in approach to how you run your business and come up with different ways to expand the business.

Frequently trying out new things

One way to do this for an online pet store is: Let us assume that you are only selling pet products through your website, you may come up with an idea like teaming up a local veterinary to give advice to customers through your online shop. This not only increases the engagement of your customers but also gives a feeling of genuine to the clients that you really care about their pets.

Never be afraid to try something that’s never been done before it might just prove to be the best thing for your business.

As we grow our business it is inevitable that we might make some bad decisions but if we are aware of things going on around us we all can rectify them in due time. One last thing we would like to point out to owners of the online pet shop or any online store is the value of having a remarketing solution.

Remarketing solutions like Keptify can help will recover more than 30% of your lost salesIf you would like to know more how this can be done take a look at our case studies. If you would like to get a consultation regarding your online shop why not let our conversion specialist help you out by contacting us directly!

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