Intelligent Layovers

Layover grabs the attention of your visitors who are about to leave your site. You can set rules for layover through our dashboard which will help you display layover at specific places on the website. We have launched A/B testing feature. You can test on the basis of referral, visitor, country, and URL. You can also test over different layovers and choose the best one which works for you. There are different types of Layovers.

  1. Normal Layover (Exit-Intent)
  2. Last Visited Product Layover (Exit-Intent)
  3. Product List Layover (Exit-Intent)


Cart Analyzer

No arbitrary data, but actionable details about your customer’s behavior you can use to grow your business. Keptify offers real-time data about abandoning customers such as their device, location, and browser usage.


John Doe from New York visited your site on an iPhone 6 Chrome browser, for 4 minutes. He came via Facebook ad link and browsed your XYZ product for $200.

Identify the “conversion killers” on your site, and gain insight into visitors that convert well and ones that don’t. Giving you the ability to create more targeted campaigns.


  1. View the number of visitors on your site based on your customized date range.
  2. Find out how many pages your website visitors have viewed (and which ones)
  3. View a list of abandoned carts.

Email Re-Marketing

Our all-encompassing remarketing software allows you to retarget customers in three ways:

1. Reminder emails sent immediately to an abandoning customer
2. Facebook Ad Network & Adroll
3. Lightbox form

Keptify remarketing campaigns are completely customizable. Choose which pages you want features to appear on, as well as set rules to target customers based on purchase history, value, behavior, geographical location, and more!

Email Automation

Avoid sending generic content with our advanced email marketing software. Automatically populate emails with relevant information to your customers based on their behavior. This is proven to increase customer retention, engagement, and email click-through rate.

  1. Send automated emails promoting new products that match their interest
  2. Schedule newsletters to your current subscribers to keep them engaged
  3. Send specific messages to subsets of your email list using segmentation

Once you implement our services, your business will begin to recoup thousands of dollars in possible missed revenue. Keptify plugs into any e-commerce website, and once it’s running, set it and forget it.

Facebook & Adroll Remarketing

Remarket to customers using our software that integrates with Facebook Ads and Adroll. Use our analytics to deliver targeted ads to customers that have already been exposed to your message. Remarket to cart abandoners, customers from specific regions, previous buyers and more! These ads have a higher engagement because you’re promoting to leads that already visited your website.

Facebook Ads or Adroll combined with our analytics gives you a powerful way to reach your audience.

Profiling & Reporting

Profiling feature of Keptify will give you data in visualized form to provide basic idea about your traffic which is converting and which isn’t. It simply enables you to select targeted audience and help you choose where to spend your time and money to improve your conversion rate and ROI.

Reporting feature will help you decide which metric data is more powerful in comparison to the others. You will see amount and number of orders/session visited by the visitors with their respective percentage and figures. 

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