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Built for marketers who understand that every dollar counts.

… Just like it always has. You see, brick and mortar stores have spent thousands of years perfecting their sales tactics. A 50% off sales sign, a member of staff pointing you in the right direction, checkout upsells and club cards that offer discounts in exchange for your email address. For some reason most online stores fail to replicate this experience. As a result, ecommerce store owners like yourself are losing money every day. ​Keptify is here to convert brick and mortar tactics into a well oiled digital machine that’s only purpose is to make you more money for your efforts. Without such tools, you’re leaving money on the table – money you work hard to get.​​

Shopping Cart Analytics

As the saying goes,"you can't
manage what you don't measure."

Understand why your website visitors aren’t buying with our analytics software. Discover abandonment trends and indicators such as location, gender, device, browser, search history, mouse movements, purchase history, and even your most abandoned products! Our analytics data will enable you to optimize your website to increase conversion.

Email Remarketing

Let’s say a customer (we’ll name her Susie) is about to purchase your product. She’s on the checkout page, fills out her name and email, but out of no where her sister calls her to come to the other room. As a result, she closes her computer screen, leaving the purchase page.

Previously there was no system in place to target “the Susie’s” until now, with Keptify you can capture Susie’s name and email (even if she didn’t hit submit) and within minutes we’ll send an email prompting her to finish the transaction. When she returns to her computer, she’ll have a reminder to complete the purchase waiting in her inbox.

Lightbox Forms

At Keptify we understand one of the most important “proverbs” of running an online business…“The money is in the list”. That’s why we help grow your email list with our elegant high-converting lightbox forms, proven to generate 500% percent more email opt-ins. Track the moment before a customer tries to leave your website, then display a form giving them one more opportunity to sign up to your list or claim a special offer.


You’re busy, and we understand that. Let us do the work for you. Keptify’s automation software sends out personalized newsletters based on your customer’s interests and actions on your site. Increase open rates and engagement by sending customers relevant content. This is proven to increase customer retention, engagement, and email click-through rate.

  • Send automated emails promoting new products that match their interest
  • Schedule newsletters to your current subscribers to keep them engaged
  • Send specific messages to subsets of your email list using segmentation

Facebook & Adroll Remarketing

You put a lot of time and money into every user that lands on your website, yet the majority of them leave without making a purchase. Keptify retargets these people with banner ads all around the internet in order to increase the value of every website visitor. Our software integrates with Facebook Ads and Adroll in order to deliver highly targeted ads, ensuring you get the most for your money.​

The Problem

Two-thirds of your website visitors will leave without purchasing

Even though the majority of them were planning on purchasing.

That’s a lot of wasted time and effort in bringing them to your site in the first place.

Our Solution

Our onsite layover and email remarketing predicts and reacts to your customer’s behaviour

It serves them content that’s tailored to their unique interests at the perfect moment to increase the likelihood of conversion

Increase Average Order Value

Just some of the things our
campaigns can do

Acquire New Customers
Improve Retention
Lift Average Order Value
Reduce Cart Abandonment
Upsell Specific Items
Fast Track path to Purchase

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